Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving is becoming increasingly popular these days. Essentially what autonomous driving is, is a vehicle which requires minimal to absolutely no human interaction. It purely runs on technology. Autonomous vehicles use various different sensors like LiDAR, radar, camera computer vision systems, complementary sensors and connectivity. With more and more autonomous vehicles being made it will definitely change the way we drive on our roads.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated environment created by the computer and it can be the same as the real world. The VR system usually consists of 4 parts: a VR headset, a motion tracking, an input device to interact with the VR world, and a VR software.


Nanotechnology refers to the study of objects on a nanoscale. Nanotechnology is so intriguing as the objects or materials at the nanoscale will have different elements and properties than materials on the macroscale. Understanding nanotechnology will offer massive potential to revolutionise our lives by developing various sectors, such as aerospace, information technology, medicine, transportation and much more. As a result, nanotechnology holds great promises creating products that allow for a more energy efficient society.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is promising to make huge impacts to the industry. It is expected to change the way both money and data transactions should be conducted. Security, integrity as well as non-repudiation of those transactions are also considered to be enhanced by the application of blockchain technology